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Familie: Don Ivie / Aloyes Peterson (F8623)

g. 17 okt. 1952

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Don Carlos IvieDon Carlos Ivie
Mand (1881-1940)
May Pearl WrightMay Pearl Wright
Kvinde (1889-1962)
Kenneth Don IvieKenneth Don Ivie
Mand (1914-1958)
Phyllis IviePhyllis Ivie
Kvinde (1912-1996)
Heber Eugene IvieHeber Eugene Ivie
Mand (1919-1974)
Ivan Don IvieIvan Don Ivie
Mand (1914-1928)
Eugene IvieEugene Ivie
Mand (1919-1962)
Marvin W IvieMarvin W Ivie
Mand (1921-1993)
Harold IvieHarold Ivie
Mand (1928-1943)
Elma Mae IvieElma Mae Ivie
Kvinde (1916-2005)
Vivian IvieVivian Ivie
Kvinde (1909-1946)
James Leonard IvieJames Leonard Ivie
Mand (1930-1963)
Andrew Ewing PetersonAndrew Ewing Peterson
Mand (1897-1944)
Della B SweatDella B Sweat
Kvinde (1900-1986)
Virl Ewing PetersonVirl Ewing Peterson
Mand (1923-2005)
Arlene PetersonArlene Peterson
Kvinde (1921-1921)
Elaine PetersonElaine Peterson
Kvinde (1925-1983)
Don IvieDon Ivie
Mand (1933-1988)
Aloyes PetersonAloyes Peterson
Kvinde (1934-2002)
Susan IvieSusan Ivie
Kvinde (1959-1959)
Sue IvieSue Ivie
Kvinde (1959-1959)

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