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51 " April 30th, 1720, Thomas Ingersoll of Springfield hath entered his intentions of marriage with Ruth Child of Watertown and ye publishment. Thomas Ingersoll of Springfield and Ruth Child of Watertown were married May 17th, 1720." {Springfield Becords.) Church, Ruth (I75326)
52 "Active church worker. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah.
Freighted carding mill across the country to Brigham Fort and erect it in 1863. Farmer and fruit grower." - See Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah 
Lehmann, Johannes John (I93747)
53 "Americana, Volume 10: Some Heroic Women of the Revolution", pg 896-9: "Susanna Keith - The picture of this courageous woman, though inanimate, seems in the strength and beauty of the features to tell the story of a useful life more perfectly than can any written words. The picture has an especial interest for the writer [J.C. Pumpelly because it was loaned to him by his much esteemed friend and compatriot, Mary Vanderpoel, the granddaughter of Susanna Keith and the regent of the Mary Washington Colonial Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Susanna Keith was the daughter of Captain Joseph Keith of Taunton, Massachusetts, and she came honestly by her fighting blood, for her grandfather on her mother's side was Captain Benjamin Williams, who commanded a company in Colonel Thomas's regiemnt and took part in the bloody battles of Lake George and Crown Point. It was destined that little Susanna Keith should save old Taunton town by her quick wit, from the savages of the British when in 1776, they were marching down from Concord to forage in the name of the crown. The story of this episode has been so well told by Mrs. Julia Hubbell Treat, historian of the chapter of which Miss Vanderpoel is regent, in a poem called "a Tale of Taunton Town," that I give it here in full.
A Tale of Taunton Town.
The news was flying through Taunton Town,
'To-morrow, the British are marching down
To Concord, for forage in name of the Crown.
Lescinton first may be their goal,
Up, up! ye captains, and call the roll
And gather the men from meadow and knoll.
Now who is this who hither runs?
'Tis Captain Keith, and his stalwart sons
Are just behind, with their swords and guns.
'Muster the men,' the Captain cries,
As the summons about the village flies,
'Or the English will take us by surprise!'
They left the mill, the loom, the plough,
They heeded not the lowing cow,
The only thought for them, was how
By road and forest, hill and dale,
They'd soonest reach the peaceful vale,
Ere long to echo with the wail
Of wife bereft, of sonless sire,
Of tramp of redcoats coming nigher,
And call of 'Steady men, now fire!'
To the powder-house with one accord
They rushed to view their cherished hoard
Of shot and powder, gun and sword.
But oh, alas, for their hope and fear!
Three charges only, for each appear!
What news, for valorous men to hear!
The women had followed with faces pale;
Though brave as the men they did not quail;
And the children's courage too did not fail
For out stepped little Susanna Keith
Wither kerchief and cap, and eyes beneath
Swimming with tears, but not of grief.
'I know a way, my father,' she said,
Drooping a little her dainty head;
'Come all with me;' and away she sped.
To her father's house upon the green---
As fine a house as e'er was seen---
With leaded window, and pillars between.
To the dresser she led the gaping crowd:
'There are your bullets!' she cried so proud
That her childish voice range clear and loud.
Upon the shelves stood the pewter plates
With coats-of-arms, and early dates
Of sixteen twenty and thirty, mates
Of teapot, and creamer, pitcher, and bowl.
All were perfect, and bright, and whole,
Stamped with a unicorn, 'cheek by jowl.'
The pride of the house, the dower which came
To Captain Keith's fair stately dame,
Descended fro fam'ly of noble name.
All turned to the mistress in great surprise--
'Take them!' she said, with bright, flashing eyes,
'Thank God for a child so brave ans wise!'
The cheers went up from the men until
The rafters rung, and then with a will
They melted the pewter, the moulds to fill.
All through the night, till the glimmering day
They worked, and the child worked hard as they,
Till their pouches were full, and they marched away.
So this is the tale of Susanna Keith,
In honor of whom I lay this wreath
Of humble verse, on her grave beneath
The Taunton skies, by the river fair,
Near the ancient house still standing there,
To tell what a child may do and dare!
For she lived, and wedded in Taunton Town,
And sent her brave blood coursing down
Through the veins of many of fair renown
Till her grand daughter's child, with eyes as blue,
And spirit as earnest, and purpose as true,
Is, my friends, your Regent, now looking at you!"
(Copyright, 1915, by the National Americana Society, The Library of the University of Michigan) 
Keith, Susannah (I66940)
54 "Born April 17, 1925 to William Anson and Lila Margaret Mitchell Hatch in Provo. She was educated in Provo.

She married Rex Eugene Nielsen Nov 12, 1942 in the Salt Lake Temple and they were blessed with four daughters. Gene died March 2, 1974. Margaret married Dee Sparks June 29, 1979 and he died May 21, 2005. She had a great love for both of her families. She was active in many positions in the LDS Church. She loved to sing and directed many choirs and was always involved in music."
-Taken from her obituary 
Hatch, Margaret Lila (I83240)
55 "Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916–1947." Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010. Index entries derived from digital copies of original records. Kilde (S301)
56 "Johannes OPDYCK, son of Louris Jansen OP DYCK, born 1651, died 1729.
He accompanied his father upon his emigration to the new world, and subsequently was a planter at Dutch Kills, Long Island, and in Maidenhead and Hopewell, New Jersey, deriving therefrom a lucrative livelihood.
He removed to New Jersey in 1697, becoming the owner of two hundred and fifty acres of land above the falls of Delware. In May or June of that year he moved his family in carts and wagons, and settled in Lawrence township, near Lawrenceville, and July 12 purchased thirteen hundred acres, extending one and three-eigths miles north and south and two miles east and west, including the present site of the borough of Pennington, New Jersey. While residing in Hopewell he, with others, founded the Baptist Church. His wife, Catherine OPDYCK, bore him the following children: Tayntie, married Enoch ANDRUS, a land owner in Trenton, New Jersey, who gave one hundred and fifty square feet of land for the first Presbyterian church of Trenton, long called Anderson Meeting House, April 10, 1727; she died 1741. Engeltie, married Joshua Anderson, of Maidenhead; she died 1741. Annettie, married Cornelius Anderson, of Maidenhead; she died 1746. Lawrence, see forward. Albert, born 1685, died 1752; he married Elizabeth (???) and resided in Hopewell and Maidenhead, New Jersey. (???), died 1730. Bartholomew, a resident of Maidenhead, New Jersey." From the "Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey" under the editorial supervision of Francis Bazley Lee. 
Opdike, Johnannes Lawrenson (I25011)
57 "John English, master mariner, was a typical English seaman during the time of iron men and wooden ships, when Britannia ruled the waves and the sun never set on the British Empire. Born of a family of surgeons, his father, William, and his grandfather, Thomas, were both practicing surgeons in South Blyth, Northumberland. John was expected to follow in their footsteps, but his heart was at sea, and as a lad he shipped before the mast as a cabin boy and worked his way up through the ranks until he was a Sea Captain in the mighty merchant fleet of Great Britain.
" July 15, 1849 John died the night following his boarding the ship in Amsterdam, Holland, and was buried at sea."
(from ANN ENGLISH GARDNER Excerpts of story by Merrill Gardner Utley, Source: Gardner Book of Remembrance - Page 38 - Compiled by C. Fern Burrell 1977, which is in John's Memories section.) 
English, Captain John (I78482)
58 "Married at sixteen, Eliza Ann remained faithful while being torn between a husband who served several missions from 1836 to 1854 and a father to whom the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was a mystery. "She experienced Nauvoo, was endowed in Boggess, Eliza Ann (I40602)
59 "Published under the auspices of the General Assembly." Kilde (S390)
60 "The late Doc Sorensen was a man of many hats - football player, veterinarian, politician, mayor, legislator, law enforcement officer, but mostly, he was a cowboy.

"He and the late Everett Colborn founded the Colborn & Sorensen Rodeo Co. in the early 1930s and produced rodeos throughout the Northwest. When Colborn moved to Texas, Sorensen and his family created the Flying U Rodeo Co. and produced the Las Vegas (Nev.) Helldorado Rodeo for 17 years, the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo for 21 years and provided stock for the Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days for many years. After 30 years in the stock contracting business, Sorensen sold the outfit to Cotton Rosser of Marysville, California.

"Sorensen attended Colorado A&M, where he played football and graduated with a doctorate of veterinary medicine. He had a vet practice for several years. Sorensen stayed very busy by serving as a state brand inspector, an Idaho State Legislator, Idaho State Director of Law Enforcement, Mayor of Roberts, Idaho, and the director and manager of the Idaho State Fair, where he later served as the Grand Marshal of its parade. He was named Jefferson County Senior Cattleman of the Year in 1981, due in part to being the first person to have Black Angus cattle in the state of Idaho. He was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City in 1988 and was inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame in 2000.

"Sorensen married his high school sweetheart, Mabel Poole (Mimi), and they had six children: Theda Sorensen Bellin, Dick Sorensen, Hadley Sorensen, Marie Sorensen Hunter, Billie Dee Sorensen Ekberg and Berva Dawn Sorensen Taylor. He passed away in May of 1984 in Idaho Falls, Idaho." (Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, 2006.)
Sorenson, Jens Clarence (I90844)
61 "Thomas Fox of Concord and his descendants" by William Freeman Fox (Lyon Company - 1909)
pages 15-17
Thomas^1 Fox of Concord, Mass., was an Englishman who emigrated to America prior to March, 1644, at which time he was elected a freeman of the Massachusetts Colony. His name appears on the rolls of the Concord church. According to one authority he came to America in 1630, in the train of Governor Cradock. Thomas of Concord was married twice. By his first wife, Rebecca, he had children: Mary^2, born September 18, 1642, Elizabeth^2, born September 18, 1642, twins; Eliphalet^2, born 1644.
Rebecca, his first wife, died May 11, 1647.
Thomas married for his second wife Hannah Brooks, daughter of Henry Brooks, of Woburn, Mass. They were married December 13, 1647, and had children: Hannah, born September 25, 1648; Thomas, born February 26, 1649-50; Samuel, born 1651; John, born about 1653; David, born about 1656; Isaac, born October 17, 1657.
It will be noted that the above assignment of children to the second wife of Thomas^1 Fox of Concord, does not follow Savage, the genealogist, who made a manifest error in including a daughter Mary. 
Brooks, Hannah "Anna" (I79159)
63 (*) "Col. Chester's investigations show that the surname Howland is found in no other county in England than Essex, and originally in no other locality in that county except at Newport, Wicken, and their immediate vicinity.

"At the period of the Pilgrim Howland's birth, there were living there contemporaneously several distinct families of the name, who were all in some way connected.

"The head of the line was,

"John Howland of Newport Pond in the county of Essex, whose will was proved 12th of April, 1550. His son John2 Howland, the citizen and salter, has been alreadt mentioned, born in Newport Pond, married Agnes, daughter of John Greenway of Winton, co. Norfolk. His brother Ralph became distinguished as an alderman of London and Master of the Grocers' Company. John2 Howland, the citizen and salter, had eleven sons, and one daughter who died an infant.
Howland, John (I59381)
(2) CONTRIBUTION 17 May 2017 by EdwinGuillaumon; Susannah - her maiden name is unknown. Some infos show Morreal, Stoddard or Hayes A good interpretation was that she was born as Stoddart and married first R. Morreal Then W. Tilton and last R Shaw. Both are documented
Stoddard, Susannah (I81342)
65 (1) BIRTH, PARENTS & IMMIGRATION DATA FOR LT. JOHN ELLIS IS UNKNOWN OR CANNOT BE VERIFIED. VIEW BIOGRAPHICAL ITEMS IN STORY (MEMORIES) FOR THIS RECORD, M9XC-YTS. He may have been married prior to his marriage to Elizabeth Freeman, as there appears to hav Ellis, Lt. John (I72923)
(2) CONTRIBUTION 17 May 2017 by EdwinGuillaumon; Susannah - her maiden name is unknown. Some infos show Morreal, Stoddard or Hayes A good interpretation was that she was born as Stoddart and married first R. Morreal Then W. Tilton and last R Shaw. Both are documented
William Tilton was born in Wolston, Warwickshire, England on 5 February 1568. He married (first) Ursula Pycroft. By her he had two children, John and Peter. After Ursula died he came with his two sons to America in 1639 settling in Lynn, Essex, Massashusetts. He later married (second) Sussanna Hayes. They were the parents of four children: Abraham, Samuel, Daniel and Mary. William died in 1653 in Essex County, Mass.
Tilton, William (I81343)
67 (After being discharged from the Mormon Battalion, Newman Bulkley started for the Salt Lake Valley to rejoin his family. He found the going from California to Utah Territory more arduous than the thousands of miles he had tramped as a Battalion member.) I Bulkley, Newman Summers (I69320)
68 (died along with infant daughter) Neff, Mary Elizabeth (I94535)
69 (F.: Borgmester i Randers Povl Nielsen og Karen Madsdatter), - ikke i DAA 1932. Povlsdatter, Karen (I33123)
70 (F.: kaptajn, senere kammerherre Henrik Otto af H. og Laura Camilla Eenens). Harmens, Camilla Sophie Af (I32575)
71 (F.: Konferensråd, hvid ridder Arndt Niels Wernersen v. W. til Hafslund og Elisabeth de Tonsberg). Von Werenschiold, Mathia Catharina (I25028)
72 (Left Anglicanism For Presbyterianism; First Presbyterian To Come To America In 1630; Settled In Ct) Denton, Richard Rev. (I63944)
73 (Medical):Se tilknyttede kilder. Jensen, Kirstine Marie (I4850)
74 (Tvilling) Danneskiold-Samsøe, Christian Nicolai Greve (I10431)
75 *****

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Dutch: Aleidis, French: Adèle
Also Known As:"Alice", "Aleidis", "Adela", "Aelis", "Alix", "Adèle", "Adelheid", "van Vloandern", "van Vlaanderen", "de Flandres", "of Flanders", "von Flandern", "Alix de Vermandois", "a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders", "Adele"
Birthdate:circa 910 (50)
Birthplace:Comté de Vermandois (Present Département de l'Aisne), (Present région Picardie), Royaume des Francs de l'Ouest (Present France)
Death:October 10, 960 (46-54)
Bruges, Comté de Flandre (Present West Vlaanderen), (Present Gewest Vlaanderen), Royaume des Francs de l'Ouest (within present Belgium)
Place of Burial:Ghent, Flemish Region, Belgium
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Héribert II, count of Vermandois and Liegarde Princess of France
Wife of Arnulf I the Great, count of Flanders and Herluin II de Gamaches
Mother of Liutgard; Egbert; Baldwin III, count of Flanders; Elstrude, countess of Flanders; Hildegarde van Vlaanderen and 1 other
Half sister of Count Robert de Vermandois, comte de Meaux et de Troyes; Adalbert I the Pious, count of Vermandois; Luitgarde of Vermandois; Heribert III "le Vieux", Comte d'Omois, Comte de Meaux et Troyes; Eudes, count of Vienne & Amiens; Hughes de Vermandois, Archevêque de Reims; Renaud de Roucy; Emma de Vermandois; Pepin de Vermandois; Guillaume / William de Poitiers, Comte de Poitou; Conradine de Vermandois and Godehilde de Vermandois « less
Occupation:Hertiginna, Gravin Luitgarde of Vermandois (c.?914 - February 9, 978) was a French noblewoman. She was a countess of Vermandois by birth and a duchess consort of Normandy by her first marriage, and a countess consort of Blois by her second. She was a daughter of Herbert I 
De Vermandois, Adela (I80928)
76 ***PLEASE DO NOT MERGE with Mary Nye... Mercy "Mary" Burgess is not the same person as Mary Nye. Mary Nye's parents are Benjamin and Katherine Nye.
VIA Find A Grave:
Birth: Apr. 4, 1652
Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, British Colonial America
Death: unknown
The names Mary, Mercy, and Marcy were often used interchangeably in old records.
Some show Mercy's maiden name as Nye. This is an error. Mercy was misidentified in A Genealogy of the Nye Family (1907) and Thomas Tupper and His Descendants (1945). Genealogies of Mayflower Families (1985) found a deed dated 1704 which showed Mercy Nye as unmarried and caring for her parents, Benjamin and Katherine Nye. Furthermore, American Marriage Records before 1699 available on shows Matthias Ellis married Mary Burgess.

Family links:
John Burgess (1628 - 1701)
Mary Worden Burgess (1639 - 1723)

Matthias Ellis (1657 - 1748)*

Joel Ellis (1679 - 1763)*
John Ellis (1680 - 1712)*
Elnathan Ellis (1686 - 1730)*

Mercy Burgess Ellis (1652 - ____)
Mary Burgess Ellis (1658 - 1717)*
John Burgess (1659 - 1723)*
Thomas Burgess (1661 - 1720)*
Martha Burgess Storrs (1671 - 1728)*
Patience Burgess Nye (1672 - 1747)*
Samuel Burgess (1672 - 1753)*
Mercy Burgess Winslow (1674 - ____)*
Joseph Burgess (1678 - 1723)*
Sarah Burgess (1679 - 1744)*
Jacob Burgess (1680 - 1772)* 
Burgess, Mary (I38211)
77 ***Please use this as the original record for John Washburn. If you merge with this record keep this record on the left hand side so all memories, sources and notes remain in tact. Thank you.***
"John Washburn (5th) and his father joined with several residents of : in the formation of the new town of Bridgewater in 1645. The names of John Washburn and John Washburn, Jr., are among the original proprietors of Bridgewater, which was incorporated into a town in 1656.[56] In Dec. 1683 the purchasers of Bridgewater met, and laid out lots on the outside of Bridgewater, which became North Bridgewater, now Brockton, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and South Bridgewater. John Washburn received 2 lots in East Bridgewater, 1 lot in West Bridgewater, and 1 lot in South Bridgewater." From:
"Elizabeth died between 1681 and 1684. She died before her father, and thus was not mentioned in his Will."
John Washburn married Elizabeth Mitchell, whose parents were Esperience Mitchell and Jane Cooke. Jane Cooke immigrated to America on "the Anne" in 1623. Her father was Francis Cooke who came over on "the Mayflower" in 1620. He was married to Hester Mahieu. John and Elizabeth lived in the Plymouth Colony and were the first generation to be born in America.Birth: Nov. 26, 1620, England
Death: Nov. 12, 1686
John was born and baptised (on the 28th) in Bengeworth, Worchester, England.
John came to Plymouth Colony in 1635. The ship was the "Elizabeth and Ann". He is recorded as 14 years of age. He came with his mother Margery (Moore) Washborne and his brother Philip Washborne, and they were recorded as 49 and 11 years of age.
John married Elizabeth Mitchell on 6 Dec 1645. They had 11 children:
John Jr @1646
Thomas @1648
Samuel @1651
Joseph 7 July 1653
married Hannah Latham @ 1677
Johnathan @1655
Benjamin @1658
Mary @1661
Elizabeth @1664
Jane @1670
James 15 May 1672
married Mary Bowden on 20 December 1693
Sarah @1675
John and Elizabeth were among the original settlers of what is referred to today as "Old Bridgewater". They settled in the area that is today the central portion of the town of Bridgewater. "Old Bridgewater' was officially incorporated in 1656.
Elizabeth died between 1681 and 1684. She died before her father, and thus not mentioned in his will.
John married again, another woman named Elizabeth. Her maiden name is not known. She was the widow of Samuel Packard (D: 7 Nov 1684). The marriage took place about 1685.
John made his will on 30 Oct 1686. He died on 12 Nov 1686, in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Plymouth Colony.
The place of his burial is not known. He is not buried in the First Cemetery of current day Bridgewater, as is repeatedly stated.
(The vital record designation CR1 is not a cemetery source. CR1 stands for "church record, Unitarian Church", and the church did not ever own the cemetery.)
(bio by: Chip5610)
Family links:
John Washborne (1597 - 1671)
Margery Moore Washborne
Elizabeth Mitchell Washburn
Elizabeth Washburn*
Jonathan Washburn (____ - 1724)*
John Washburn (1646 - 1719)*
Thomas Washburn (1647 - 1732)*
Samuel Washburn (1652 - 1720)*
Joseph Washburn (1653 - 1733)*
Mary Washburn Kingsley (1661 - 1740)*
Elizabeth Washburn Howard (1663 - 1741)*
James Washburn (1672 - 1749)*
Sarah Washburn Ames (1675 - 1746)*
John Washburn (1620 - 1686)
Philip Washborne (1622 - 1622)*
Philip Washborne (1624 - ____)*
10 March 2016 by jay foster griffin
He arrived in MA in 1635 Per the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s he arrived in MA in 1635 with his mother Margery and brother Philip. 
Washburn, John (I66809)
78 **John Pack Family Association-Reunion Saturday 11 August 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We gather together to join efforts in remembering our ancestors. This is the Place Heritage Park at The John Pack recreated Home 10am-2pm. Please pass this info to your family.** Ives, Julia (I41521)
79 .

Besegl til forældre: @I307@ 
Beyer, Anna Catharina (I5702)
80 1) PLEASE do NOT edit, merge or delete this file unless you can cite legitimate primary sources and their records to substantiate your claim. 2) If you do merge; look in the Memories section for photos, documents and stories (that others have diligently supplied) and TRANSFER those Memories to the new file. 3) Out of respect for other members, EXPLAIN your reasoning for major changes, 4) And lastly, AVOID duplicate photos. Respectfully Scott, Mary (I60118)
81 1. ADELAIS [Judith] ([1000] -7 Jul [after 1030]) . Guillaume of Jumièges names " Adeliz " as the first daughter of " the leader of Richard " and his wife " ... the sister of the count of the Britons ... goiffredus Judith ", adding that she married " , Rainald, the Burgundians, the count of " by whom she had " William and Guy, "(the marriage is recorded in a later passage) [192] . Orderic Vitalis records her marriage and calls her aunt of William 1 King of England [193] . " Otto comes he who is named William " issued a charter dated 2 Nov 1023 subscribed by " Raynard of the count, Adheleydis wife's name was " [194] . " Raynaldi count, Adheleys wife's name was " subscribed the charter dated 1030 by which " Robert his brother Henry, son of the king of ... the king's daughter of Robert, Duke of Burgundy, and the " restored property to Cluny [195] . [ " The son of William the earl's Raginaldus comes " donated property to the abbey of Flavigny by charter dated 18 May 1037 subscribed by " Iudid countess, his wife, his son, William, Hugh, son of his ... " [196] . " Iudid countess " is assumed in traditional genealogies [197] to have been the same person as Adelais. However, it is also possible that she was Comte Renaud's second wife, Adelais having died earlier.] M (before 1 May 1016) [as his first wife,] Renaud de Mâcon , son of OTHON Guillaume Comte de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Comté] & his first wife Ermentrude de Roucy ([990] -3/4 Sep 1057, bur Besançon). He succeeded his father in 1026 as Renaud 1 Comte de Bourgogne .
[192] William Gemmetencis history (Du Chesne, 1619), The Book of 5, 13, 16, pp. 255-6.
[193] Orderic Vitalis (CHIBNALL), Vol. 4, Book 7, p. 83.
[194] Cluny, Tome 3, 2782, p. 807.
[195] Petit, E. (1885) Histoire des ducs de Bourgogne de la race Capétienne (Paris), 17, p. 358.
[196] Bouchard, CB (ed.) (1991) The Cartulary of Flavigny 717-1113 (Cambridge, Mass.), 15, p. 52.
[197] For example ES 2 59. [Latin translated to English] 
Beauclerc, Comtess of Bourgogne Adeliza Judith de Normandie (I90287)
82 1. Esther, born Sept. 21st, 1768, m. March 26th, 1789, William S. Judd, son of Major William, of Farmington.
113. WILLIAM SAMUEL Judd son of William Judd Esq. of Farmington; graduated at Harvard College 1787. Married Esther Stanley a daughter of Gad Stanley born Sept. 25, 1768. Was some years in trade. Died at New Britain in Berlin March 27, 1835 aged 69. He was a Major.


242. Henry Died at Mobile.

243. Maria Married John H. Cook of New Haven.

244. Philip Samuel Lived in New Britain Conn 1850 Had a family.

245 Thomas S Graduated at Washington College 1831. Was a minister of the Episcopal church, in the State of New York.

Thomas Judd and his descendants p28 1856
By Sylvester Judd 
Stanley, Esther (I59938)
83 1. Hist. of Hingham Vol. 2, p. 123: "Born in Hing. Dec. 30, 1648. m. Dec 2, 1668, Martha, dau. of Nathaniel and Martha Beal. She was bt. in Hingham Aug. 1646, and surviving him, m. secondly, Jan 12, 1689-99, Samuel Stodder, widower. John d., as our rec's Chubbuck, Mr John (I38111)
84 1.Ehe mit Mark, Georg
Heinzel, Maria Anna (I29146)
85 113 William Samuel born Jan. 10, 1766

1. Esther, born Sept. 21st, 1768, m. March 26th, 1789, William S. Judd, son of Major William, of Farmington.
113. WILLIAM SAMUEL Judd son of William Judd Esq. of Farmington; graduated at Harvard College 1787. Married Esther Stanley a daughter of Gad Stanley born Sept. 25, 1768. Was some years in trade. Died at New Britain in Berlin March 27, 1835 aged 69. He was a Major.


242. Henry Died at Mobile.

243. Maria Married John H. Cook of New Haven.

244. Philip Samuel Lived in New Britain Conn 1850 Had a family.

245 Thomas S Graduated at Washington College 1831. Was a minister of the Episcopal church, in the State of New York.

Thomas Judd and his descendants p28 1856
By Sylvester Judd 
Judd, William Samuel (I59936)
86 116 Elizabeth Olive b Married Wm T. Belden, Lived at Poughkeepsie NY Judd, Elizabeth Olive (I59935)
87 1334- legal heir of his brother - Hames Audley - Stratton Audley,Oxfordhsire,England De Audley, Hugh II (I60016)
88 15. Col. Oliver'' Babcock, son of John and Mary (Law-
ton) Babcock (James ist). b. Westerly. R. L, 1683 (?) ;

d. Oct. (?), 1773; m. (i) Jan., 1704-5, Susanna, dau. of
Joseph and Betliiah (Hubbard) Clark, and sister to Rev.
Thomas Clark, who married Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. James
Babcock. Susanna b. Westerly, Aug. 31, 1683. She joined
the S. D. B. Church at Newport, July, 1707. At that time the
Newport Church had a branch at Westerly. Oliver m. (2)
Dec. 2, 1 76 1, Deborah Knowles. She had no children.

Oliver was a minor, Apr. 21, 1698, at which time he chose
his brother, Capt. James, as guardian.

The Babcock Genealogy. 25

On Nov. 25, 171 5, Oliver gave a mortgage on one hundred
and thirty acres of land for £100 currency, which he borrowed
from the Colony of Rhode Island, without interest. A month
earlier his brother James had borrowed £300 under similar
conditions, fully described in his biography.

Oliver was admitted a freeman May i, 17 16. fie w'as Dep-
uty from Westerly to the General Assembly in 1730, '34, 'T,y,
'38, '52. (C. R. of R. I., vol. V.) For a large part of his
life public records refer to him as "Col. Oliver Babcock." At
a meeting of the General Assembly held at Warwack, R. I.,
on the second Monday of Aug., 1735. Capt. Oliver Babcock
was appointed one of a committee "for creating a new harbor
in Westerly by turning the Pawcatuck River into the largest
salt pond along the Westerly shore, so that said pond would
become a very commodious and navigable harlx)r, and would
likewise be very convenient for the catching and making of
codfish." The proposed work was no doubt found to be im-
practicable, as it was never performed.

The same year he was a commissioner to lay out twenty
acres of land upon which to build an Indian meetinghouse in
W^esterly. W'as also one of the commissioners to build a
bridge across the Pawcatuck River at Westerly. (W. and W.,

P- 1 39-)

Mar. 19, 1757, Hopkinton was set off from Westerly, and
Col. Oliver Babcock's home was in the new town. He was
probably ninety years old at the time of his death in 1773.

Apr. 14, 1749, Oliver Babcock, of Westerly, conveyed lands
in Voluntown to John Dixon, of Stonington, Conn. Said land
was laid out to John Babcock, father of Col. Oliver, who w^as
one of the Connecticut volunteers in the Narragansett War.

Col. Oliver's will was dated Dec. 3, 1761, and was proved
and recorded in Hopkinton Nov. i, 1773. It mentions wife
Delx^rah, daughters Susanna Beebe and Mary Cobb, sons
Thomas, Nathan, Oliver, Simeon, Jose])h, John. He appoints
his sons Simeon, Oliver, John, and Joseph to be the executors
of his will.

Children, all by first wife:

Susanna, b. Sept. 20, 1705; m. James (?), son of Samuel and
Elizabeth (Rogers) Beebe, b. Oct. lO, 1710. (Rogers Genealogy.)

50 Thomas,* b. Mar. 7, 1710; m. (i) Mary Davidson ( ?) ; (2) Judith


51 Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1712-3; m. Henry Cobb.
Nathan, b. Oct. 12, 1715.

52 Simeon, b. Sept. 27, 1717; m. Sarah Gardner.
John, b. May 12, 1720.

26 The Bahcock Genealogy.

53 Oliver, Jr., b. Sept. i6, 1722; ni. Patience Pendleton.

54 Joseph, b. Oct. 18, 1726; m. Anna Harris. 
Babcock, Col. Oliver (I56456)
89 1626 Raadmand, o. 1640 Borgmester i Randers. Povelsøn, Thomas (I32734)
90 1680 war er schon gestorben.
Klose, Hans (I29371)
91 17. William^ Champlin, son of Capt. William and Mary-

(Babcock) Champlin (James ist), b. ; d. 1747;

m. Jan. 18, 1699- 1700, Mary Clark, dan. of Joseph and
Bethiah (Hnbbard) Clark, b. Dec. 27, 1680, d. 1760.

He was made a freeman of Westerly in 1700, and June 25,
1707, he was chosen "Rattemaker" (i. e., assessor). His
wife "Mary (Clark) Champlin was baptized, and under lay-
ing on of hands was admitted into the [S. D, B.] Church the
loth of the 5th month, 1708."

Jan. 18, 1 7 16, he made an agreement with Mary (Babcock)
Champlin (his mother), Capt. John Babcock, and Samuel
Clark, and their wives, in which he agreed to maintain his
mother as long as she pleased to live with him, to pay her
£200 dow'n and £10 annually, and make over to her two beds
and other household goods in lieu of her dower; also to pay
£100 to brother-in-law John Babcock and w^ife Mary, and
brother-in-law Samuel Clark and wife Ann.

His will, dated Aug. 3, 1747, probated Dec. 29, 1747, ap-
points son William executor. Among other provisions his
executor is bidden "to care for my ancient mother if she out-
lives me."

Children :

William, b. May 31, 1702.
Jeffrey, b. Mar. 6, 1704.

Joseph, b. .

Samuel, b. .

Joshua, b. .

James, b. .

Susannah, b. ; m. Stanton.
Champlin, Capt. William (I80391)
92 1737 war eine Hungersnot.

Besegl til forældre: @I307@ 
Satke, Georg (I5573)
93 1738 70J.6M.

Besegl til forældre: @I307@ 
Willsch, Lorenzius (I29164)
94 1747 Dame de l'Union parfaite Wedell-Wedellsborg, Dorothea Komtesse (I32648)
95 1762 schon bereits verstorben.Am 13.10. 1751 im Alter von 42j.gestorben.

Besegl til forældre: @I307@ 
Müller, Johann Heinrich (I29057)
96 1801CensusPeder HansenM91792SingleNørre Broby, Sallinge, SvendborgNørrebrobye Bye Deres søn. 1834CensusPeder HansenM431791MarriedNørre Broby, Sallinge, SvendborgNørrebrobye bye Huusmand. 1840CensusPeder HansenM491791MarriedNørre Broby, Sallinge, Svendbor Hansen, Peder (I73687)
97 1880 Student, 1886 cand. jur., 1888 Volontær i Udenrigsministeriet og Kammerjunker, 1889 Assistent, 1890 fung. Legationssekretær i Stockholm, s. A. i St. Petersborg, 1894 i Berlin, 1897 (16 Okt.) R.*, 1901 Legationssekretær i London, 1905 Gesandt i Christiania og (22 Nov.) Kammerherre, 1907 (1 Maj) D.M., 1910 Gesandt i Wien og Rom, 1912 i London, 1914 (11 Maj) C2, 1919 (23 Okt.) C1. Grevenkop-Castenskiold, Henrik (I32245)
98 1888 Student fra Sorø, 29 Juni 1896 cand. polit, opholdt sig i flere Aar i Rio de Janeiro. Danneskiold-Samsøe, Greve Ove (I32927)
99 1894 tiltrådte hun en stilling som husbestyrerinde for købmand Thykjær i Thisted, og i 1895 foretog hun en rejse til Amerika for som familiens udsending at gæste sin broder Andre. Efter sin hjemkomst længtes hun stadig til Amerika, og i 1896 tog hun atter derover, hvor hun havde forskellige stillinger, og giftede sig 23. nov. 1905 med cigarfabrikant Rudolph Thrane. Hasselbalch, Sophie Frederikke (I85628)
100 1900 Census shows William and Emma had been married 37 years giving them an estimated marriage year 1863, Emma was mother of 3 children with 3 living.
The 1910 Census shows Emma is the mother of 4 children with 2 living. Their daughter Sarah Edith Gardner 1878-1904 • L28G-974 had died in 1904. 
Gardner, William (I50980)

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